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Fair Games


In our casino, fair game is the subject of Philosophy and Science.

First of all, our philosophic promise is to provide an absolute fairness game. Our purpose is to serve our guests with sincerity and fairness.

Secondly, our casino uses international gaming standard in order to ensure our guests receive the superb quality service. Fair gaming also means that more players in our casino will win and they will patronize us more often.

We also use scientific way to ensure all games are fair:

Design to pursue fairness. Our full gaming software is developed using high end technology RNG in order to ensure every card or every die is presented using this RNG system. Hence, our gaming design is absolutely fair.

Test to pursue fairness. All gaming data are gone through thorough analysis and testing in order to ensure fairness and using RNG system in our casino.

Verification guaranteed. All gaming software and data verification are audited by external independent Auditing firm as well as related gaming organizations.

With our great efforts and promises, we have won the great pool of customers’ trust and support. They believe our gaming is the fairness of all.

Fair game is such an important thing. Hence our casino becomes one of the pioneer members of the online gaming (GDC gaming alliance). Our purposes in GDC are to build up the healthy operation, business morale conduct standard and fair gaming, security & trust in lottery websites. We have built up our good reputation and quality gaming promise to our players in order for GDC’s code of conduct becomes apotheosis of the business operation.

We urge players to visit our website at to gain more information from the gaming industry. Whether your choice of patronizing our casino or others, we suggest you to look out for GDC logo in any of these casinos. GDC logo – our secured & trusted logo.


In Green Dragon online Casino – we use advanced security technology software to provide our players a 100% secure environment.

All information is encrypted & transmitted through secured technology in between software and server. Our system ensures every transaction is valid after passing through the checking of the latest E-market fraudulent server.

Our aim is to ensure our customers’ accounts completeness & secured in every transaction.

We appreciate your understanding and trust in us! In our goal of win-win situation, we will continue to provide you a much better & secured services.